Health Care

Strong Virucide.

V-OX is a high level Biocide in powder form with wide range of application in hospitals & healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical plant, food & meat processing industries. V-OX is a blend of peroxygen compounds, salts, buffers, oraganic acids, detergents and stabilisers. Aqueous solution of V-OX is acidic in nature and releases 6 different Biocides which act against structural & functional proteins as well as nuclecic acids of micro - organisms. This ensures total destruction of microbial pathogen at the site of application. V-OX offers a wide spectrum of inhibitory action on viruses, bacteria and moulds.


Each 100 gm contains
No. Contains Quantity
1 Potassium Mono Persulphate / Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate / Potassium Sulphate 49.80 % w/w
2 Sodium Chloride 1.5 % w/w
4 Buffer & Excipients Q.S.


  • Readily soluble in tap water
  • Easy for application
  • Nontoxic & nonirritating at user dilution
  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity even in the presence of heavy soiling
  • Sustainable chemistry / Eco friendly / Biodegradable


Purpose Dilution Method
OT, ICU, ICCU, RR, Premature Babies Nurseries & Cath Labs Disinfection 5 gm in 1 Lit of water Spray with high pressure equipment
Fogging / Aerial Disinfection 50 gm in 1 Lit of water Ultra low volume fogging
Hard Surface Disinfection clean 5 gm in 1 Lit of water Sprinkle, mop with mopper & allow to air dry


  • 100 gm, 1kg & 5 kg