Health Care

Hand Disinfectant.

  • Effective against wide range of pathogens & has residual effect
  • Drastically brings down the surface count of the hand skin, a special significance in O. T.s & pharmaceutical units Convenient to apply
  • Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance, no conventional strong odor
  • Well tolerated by skin due to specially added emollient system
  • Highly effective against resident and transient flora
  • Preserves natural moisture balance even on repeated usage
  • Proven efficiency against hydrophillic and lipophillic viruses


No. Contains Quantity
1 N- Propanol 50%
2 2- Propanol 25%
3 Benzalkonium Chloride 0.5%
4 Emollients Q.S


  • STERICLENZ is a highly sophisticated sanitizer for hands
  • STERICLENZ has broad spectrum of activity & is proven to be effective against a wide range of bacterial and viral pathogens


  • For Hygienic hand disinfection
    • Wash & dry hands
    • Take 3ml of STERICLENZ on hands with the help of dispenser and rub well all over for 30 seconds
    • Let the hands air dry
  • For Surgical hand disinfection
    • Repeat the above process 3 times upto wrist allowing about 5 mins. of contact time


  • 500 ml HDPE bottle with dispenser pump / 5lit HDPE container